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3020 LifeX™ is a future-oriented public safety communication and collaboration platform designed to satisfy all the demands of a next generation control room and its multimedia handling. Thanks to its sophisticated, modular architecture, 3020 LifeX™ can integrate a variety of systems using different protocols and can flexibly exchange or upgrade them without compromising ongoing operations.

3020 LifeXTM at a glance
• Pure software, IP-based communication and collaboration platform with an architecture designed for mission-critical operations
• Shared communication and information services with flexible network layouts
• Any media – any device. Horizontal data integration with easy-to-use, web-based user interfaces
• Linear scalability suitable for countrywide installations (start small – grow big), both in terms of seats and features
• Introducing LTE without changing known and trained user patterns, including crossconnnection capabilities
• Open to other services, adapters and interfaces for different integration scenarios





The Motorola MOTOTRBO and TRBOnet Plus products form part of our control room solutions portfolio. TRBOnet Enterprise is a powerful control room solution designed to work with MOTOTRBO networks of any size and complexity. The solution is module based and can be tailored to your requirements. It works with all MOTOTRBO systems, the GUI is configurable and the solution is Modular and Scalable.

Its features include:
Lone Worker AVL Tracking (Real time GPS, GPS History and payback, Geofencing, Custom maps)
Voice Dispatch (All call types, Intercom, Cross mute, Prerecorded messages)
Voice Recording (All voice calls, Playback interface, Built in converter, External Storage)
Event Logging (All system events, Advanced filters, Notifications, Instant Playback)
Text Messages (Provate and group, Predefined messages, Scheduled messages, Text to speech)

Add-Ons available include:
Indoor positioning (Tracking, Route History, Guard Tour, Custom building layout)
Job Ticketing (Job creation, Task assignment, Task Log, Notifications)
Alarm Management (Locations and event triggered, Sound alarms, eMail / SMS Notifications)
Phone Interconnect (Phone to Radio, Radio to Phone calls, On screen dial pad, Call transfer, SIP trunk)
Web Interface (Any browser or OS, Remote access to GPS data, Txt Messaging, Custom Maps)
Fixed Route Management (Easy scheduling, Configurable alerts)

See related documentation below:

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