Motorola TETRA Solutions

Advanced mission critical communications from the world’s largest supplier of TETRA solutions

Our TETRA solution offers secure, reliable and efficient communications customised to meet the needs of different markets. Mission-critical communications demand a system that’s stable, reliable and flexible. With a large installed base and multiple vendor support, we offer a wide choice of products and applications so organisations can select exactly the right solution for their needs.

As the inventor and driving force behind TETRA infrastructure and radios, Motorola Solutions has taken a leading role in the development of the TETRA Standard. This commitment continues today with new products and initiatives designed to meet the ever changing needs of customers.

Tetra Portables

Motorola offers a wide range of TETRA portable terminal solutions to meet unique requirements of markets from transportation to industrial, municipal to public safety. Understanding user needs is a continuous process.

That is why we offer the broadest TETRA portfolio and why we continue to extend our portfolio with specialist radios such as intrinsically safe terminals and radios designed for covert surveillance operations.

The communication needs of customer-facing staff, executives and senior officers are driven by style, as well as function. To maintain the highest level of customer service, these professionals need an intuitive digital radio that delivers high quality audio, blends seamlessly with their image and whose purpose is increasing productivity, not providing entertainment. The ST7000 small TETRA radio combines a compact and elegant form, simple user interface and clear audio to exceed these needs. Integrated Bluetooth® 4.1 wireless technology, a reversible USB-C connector for charging and a 3.5mm audio connector help make the ST7000 a flexible, modern communications tool that allows users to focus on what matters most – the customer or situation and not the device.



Tetra Mobiles

Motorola Solutions TETRA mobile radios underline the company’s commitment to meeting the current and future needs of critical communications. Our mobile radios are packed with features which include, ease-of-operation in the most demanding situations, coupled with unsurpassed audio quality, an intuitive keypad and high-definition as well as colour display combined with a sleek, yet durable design.

Our MTM5000 Series TETRA radios  are packed with the features which have become essential for safe and effective operations, as well as significant improvements in areas such as audio and ruggedness. The user interface is optimised for those making the transition from analogue radios and includes two controls for group and volume.


Tetra Pagers

With its enhanced coverage and extended battery life, the ADVISORTM  TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager ensures you can reach firefighters, emergency personnel and healthcare workers when they’re needed most. The result? Fires get extinguished. Communities stay safe. And people receive the urgent care they need.

In those critical moments, every second counts. That’s why we made the TPG2200 simple to use, even with one hand. Quickly read and respond to messages with a bright, 2″ colour display and familiar user interface. Carry the pager anywhere without it getting in the way thanks to a lightweight, compact design. And, since the TPG2200 is IP54 rated for dust and water protection, you know it will keep working even when exposed to the elements.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of TETRA radios, Motorola Solutions is a partner you can rely on. Because people are relying on you.


Tetra Infrastructure

Motorola Solutions is the leading supplier of TETRA digital radio systems and subscribers. The Motorola Solutions TETRA DIMETRA systems have been continuously developed over more that 15 years to meet the needs of all types of TETRA users, from nationwide public safety network operators to small systems for airports, Metro operators, Oil and gas companies and many other industrial organisations.


The advantages of the virtualized core and centralised architecture together with other powerful features are available to all types of operator and end user.

With a full range of service solutions, application partners, and local representation Motorola Solutions is uniquely placed to supply and support the roll-out of TETRA service for all types and sizes of operator and end user.

With built-in system capabilities such as Common Secondary Control Channel, Preferred Subscriber Class and Valid Sites, our powerful MTS base stations are able to minimise localised congestion problems. Such advanced features truly set Motorola Solutions MTS base stations apart from conventional solutions.

At the core of Motorola Solutions’ proven TETRA solutions are the world leading DIMETRA IP™ switches, scalable to meet your needs, both now and in the future.

Each solution is specific to an organisations individual needs. That’s why we offer a suite of life-cycle management services and integrated solutions that can provide your organisation with the resilient, robust and reliable network for mission critical communications.

Because of our deep understanding of the Pubic Safety environment, we have the resources and experience to help you look at your own unique situation, budget, geography and personnel to create a mission critical communication solution that’s right for your organisation.


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