Enhanced Coverage RF and Cellular

Cel Fi “GO X” and “Quatra” products improve internal coverage for all the UK phone operators and to support new POC systems where poor signal strength indoors inhibits the system.

Product features include :-


  • Ofcom approved
  • Licence Free
  • All UK Network operators approved
  • Low loss system managed on CAT 5E cable
  • Simple, easy set up and install
  • Manged and monitored by free app
  • Enhancement of POC systems




Our intelligent digital Distributed Antenna Systems (idDAS) provide a dynamic approach to delivering cellular and public safety communications within a variety of environments, including buildings, stadiums, transportation and outdoor venues.


  • Band selective compact TETRA or TETRAPOL repeater for in building coverage
  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Can be used to feed a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) to extend coverage further
  • Small compact passively cooled enclosure
  • 18 dBm output power
  • Management via web GUI or AEM network management software


D-CSR 3604

Digital channel and Band Selective Repeater

Large repeater coverage footprint due to high output power and gain
Very low propagation delay leading to higher security, resilience and availability of information
Easy system implementation with built-in commissioning tools
Time-slot based ALC
Supervision available over TETRA modems
Remotely upgradeable for TEDS

Product Specifications



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