Point to Multi-Point Links

Sigma Wireless, headquarters in Dublin Ireland, supply and install Point to Multi Point data links using the best in class technologies. Contact us to discuss your point to multi point link requirements.



provides a range of Point to Point,  Point to Multipoint and broadband mobility solutions.
RADWIN products are suitable for Backhaul and Wireless Broadband access with customers ranging from
governmanet agencies to public and private enterprise.

Sigma Wireless Communications have a strong track record designing and implementing connectivity solutions using the RADWIN portfolio
of products. For more information please contact us.

RADWIN JET sets a new standard of performance and reliability for wireless broadband. Enabled by
RADWIN bi-directional beamforming technology, RADWIN JET powers the highest industry capacity with
the longest range and unparalleled radio interference immunity.

JET highlights

Market-leading Base Station

» Base Station with smart beamforming antenna
» Up to 750 Mbps per sector, 3 Gbps per cell
» Guaranteed SLA (CIR)
» Low latency and jitter
» Long range – up to 40 km / 25 miles
» Radio synchronization for greater network capacity with built-in GPS
» Dynamic channel bandwidth selection – 80/40/20 MHz

Powerful subscriber units (SUs)

» High-capacity SUs – up to 200 Mbps
» Pay-as-you-grow capacity
» Multiple antenna configurations in a single unit
» Small form factor for low visual impact
» Innovative operational simplicity for mass deployment

Multi-band radio

» 3.3-3.8 / 3.65 GHz or 4.9-5.9 GHz in the same unit

Beamforming Solution

RADWIN Bi-Beam highlights

» Active beamforming antenna in both uplink and downlink directions
» Antenna steering for best link performance over a 90° sector
» Effective narrow beam of 8° @ 5.x GHz, 15° @ 3.x GHz
» OFDM & MIMO 2×2 / diversity

RADWIN Bi-Beam benefits

» High interference immunity similar to Point-to-Point
» Industry’s highest throughput and range
» Optimized frequency reuse -2
» Robust operation in nLOS / NLOS
» Simplified network planning


Product Information :

Brochure -JET For Private Networks


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